Group Bible study for churches

Equip your congregation to stay connected to God’s Word and each other.

What is WordGo?

The WordGo app is a free, digital resource designed to make leading a group Bible study simple. With WordGo, anyone in your congregation can be equipped with the resources, tools and guidance they need to start and lead a small group. Whether meeting online or in person, WordGo keeps your church body connected and growing together in the Word of God.

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What's Included?

Everything a small group leader needs…

  • To learn: expository and topical Scripture studies, expert commentary, reflection questions
  • To plan: easy to use tools to streamline logistics, like a shared calendar and location
  • To connect: facilitation plans, prayer requests, shared study notes, tools to meet online or in person

…all in one place.

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Our Mission

WordGo was created to simplify the process of starting and leading a small group Bible study. Our hope is that because of WordGo, followers of Christ will be encouraged to read His Word, grow in love of the Lord, and deepen care for one another. Through Bible study and conversation, small groups can share God's truth with one another, with our churches, and out into the world.

Share WordGo: Promotional Materials

We've created a range of promotional materials that you can download and use to share WordGo with your church, friends and family. These promotional resources include:

  • Promo video
  • Social media posts
  • Photos and logos
  • Flyers
  • Presentations
  • Explaining WordGo' scripts
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What is WordGo's relationship to the church?

We know starting, leading, and staying connected to a small group can be challenging with the demands of every day, busy lives. Our desire is to support your small groups, community groups, and families with tools and resources that make this process simple, whether your groups meet online or in person. WordGo is designed to complement your existing church ministry as a small group resource – not to compete with any existing ministry.

Who made these studies? How can I know they’re theologically sound?

WordGo was created by Bible Study Fellowship International (BSF). All WordGo content including questions, study notes, and teachings are approved by BSF's network of trusted scholars. The WordGo content has been customized to suit a digital platform and audience while staying true to the original meaning.

What's BSF?

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is a global ministry spanning 60 years of interdenominational Bible classes that serve more than 350,000 class members on six continents in more than 40 nations. To find out more about BSF visit their website.

Can I check out the WordGo studies before I create a group, use this in my small group, or share WordGo with my church?

Yes! View our study library or download the WordGo app and 'Browse as Guest' to check out a sample WordGo study. When you're ready to start or share, we're here for you.

Which Bible Translation is included in the app?

WordGo references the NIV translation. Users are encouraged to use their preferred Bible translation as a supplemental resource along with the app.

If I have further questions, where do I direct them?

Check out our more extensive FAQ at our WordGo Support or contact us directly at